Friday, 7 November 2014

6 Useful Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation

There is a saying that you should not bother about what people say about you, but this is completely wrong when it comes to online business or website. Online reputation plays a vital role in the growth and success of your business, brand or product. So it becomes very important for a business owner to create a great reputation among the readers, visitors and customers. It is not about “How you show yourself”, it is all about “What people think about you”.


Online reputation simply means “What is said about your brand by the people over the Web”. It becomes your responsibility to make sure that you provide a service or information that is really helpful for other so that they always speak “GOOD” about your brand or product. Make sure that you show the best side of your company.

Listed below are the most effective techniques that can help to build a great online reputation:

1) Listen To Your Customer

This seems to be very simple but this is the most crucial one. It is the most important thing to know what your own customers think and say about you because your previous customers are the greatest source for generating new customers

Make sure that you fully satisfy the customers’ need and also give them a chance to share their experience like by providing a feedback form. Remember one negative review or feedback can ruin your reputation. So make sure that you stand up on the expectation of your previous customers that they recommend other as well about your product.

2) Offer What You Have Promised

Online business owners make many promises, and most of the times they fail to fulfill it. Because this really causes a bad effect in mind of the user as far as reputation is concerned. It definitely effects the emotions of the customer if he/she is not delivered with the right sort of services which you have promised to offer. This will lead to bad reputation of your online business.

3) Be Clear With Your Terms and Conditions

Many companies only mention the policies that are acceptable by the customers, they never show if they have any hidden charges. This is the biggest mistake that owners do in order to sell their product. Be completely open to your customers and only offer what you are capable of. Your terms and conditions should include each and every point so that the customer never feels that he/she got cheated.

This is a prominent step of building trust among your customers. And believe me if you are following this you will definitely get positive reviews which will surely improve online reputation.

4) Never Ignore Complaints

This is the biggest initiative that you can take for better online reputation management. Accepting and encouraging negative reviews is an important step which will help to grow and. If someone is complaining about your company or service, then never ignore it, listen to them carefully and take all the necessary steps to change their opinion about your brand.

If you can change even one negative review to a positive one then it is a great win to your company. Never take too much time to apologize and offer the best service and you can quickly change that “COMPLAIN” into “RECOMMENDATION”.

5) Respect Your Competitors

This may sound a bit weird but trust me it is very useful. Never mention anything bad about your competitors. If you are doing this then you are giving a chance to your competitors to shine among your customers. This is not considered an ethical thing and any such activity can completely damage your reputation.

6) Always Be Available For Your Customers

Many business owners have their customer care centers and toll free numbers, but in many cases the customers fail to get the proper help, which leads to bad reputation. 

So make sure that you provide the best service and are always available for your customers. For better communication with your customers you can use social media marketing which offers a great way to connect with your customers in a more personal and a genuine manner. 

A good public relation can lead to increased sales and also help you to get a prominent place in Google SERP. All you need to do is implement above mentioned points and satisfy as many customers you can.

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