Thursday, 16 October 2014

6 Social Media Tools To Fuel Up Your Marketing Campaigns

How many times do you feel the need for any tools when you have to perform the same action again and again?
How does it feel while doing the tasks of social media marketing for business, you come across a browser extension that completely transforms the way you work for the better?

This article will share some of the best social media marketing tools with you. There are several options available to fuel your social media marketing activities. Let’s have a look:
Buffer: The Buffer extension lets you share to the connected profiles from any blog, website, or webpage. The extension acquires the page title and any images associated with it. The extension also lets you buffer to your queues and scheduling shares with built-in buttons.

Evernote: Extensions based on read later themes are a delight as they are time-savers. Evernote lets you save a blog-post or an article so that you could read it later with the help of a single button click.

Bitly: The browser extension of Bitly has all the standard features of a link shortener. Bitly goes one step further and lets you add links to bundles so that all the series of similar links are kept organized. One more cool feature is that the Bitly extension could notify you when your link reaches a predetermined number of views.

Riffle: This is a browser extension that adds a whole new layer of info into your Twitter stream. Click on a riffle icon or Twitter username, and the extension will open up a display of the user’s data, along with other social accounts, hashtags, categories and Twitter statistics.

Window Resizer: It is more likely that not everyone has the same screen size as you do. The window Resizer tools lets you see you articles in various screen sizes to know if all your audience will be able to view the post or not.

Ritetag: Ritetag is a favourite tools with a number of social media marketers. It is a hashtag too. Ritetag provides direct feedback on the popularity and strength of the hashtags.

Check out on Google and you will find an array of amazing social media marketing tools for business that will cut down the time you spend on your efforts so that you could dedicate your efforts to some more tasks.
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